The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Dated: August 6 2020

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My wife and I have been watching a show on the food network called, "The Best Thing I Ever Ate". So naturally that started a discussion that I am opening to all of you. I will go first.

The Best Thing I Ever Ate. I am going to cheat a little. As I have had a 50 plus year love affair with food, I have several favorites.

Masters Pizza on Wayne Ave in Dayton. I do not think this place is even open anymore but growing up nearby this was the pizza place to order from. I remember the smells when you first open the box. The big pepperonis and the cheese browned in spots from the oven. And the smell... Boy I wish this place were still open.

Milano's Pizza and Subs on Brown St. in Dayton. As a teenager my brother discovered this place and turned me onto it. I thought it was OK, but I rediscovered it as an adult and fell in love. My go to has always been a whole ham and provolone, cold with extra mayo. It is a cold sub on an Italian sub roll. Thinly sliced ham and cheese, mayo, tomatoes, and onions. The Italian seasoning goes on last. You can get it grilled or baked, but my favorite has always been cold. Chewy bread, crunch of the onions, and the bite of the seasoning. Fantastic.

I could go on, blueberry pancakes, or Reese cup cheesecake, but I want to hear from you.

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