Dated: September 2 2020

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This is the word that hangs over the mantle in the conference room at Valley Real Estate. This is the first word I discuss with employees and agents that work with me. The relationships that we developed with our clients, coworkers, vendors and community over the past 20 years is crucial to our success and those relationships,in many cases, will last for years. I wanted to discuss relationships in today’s blog because it was an opportunity to say thank you to a local business owner who clearly shares the same values as we do at Valley. The amazing owner at Cozy Critters made an gesture/offer to my wife a few days ago. Tammy, is the owner of Cozy Critters in Carlisle. To be honest, I don’t know a lot about Tammy. She does a great job with the pet grooming services she provides but I can’t tell you much about her life. I wouldn’t say that we are friends. I couldn’t tell you her husbands name or in fact I couldn’t even tell you if she’s married. Our relationship is that of a traditional buyer/seller type. That’s what made this particular gesture something that we will remember forever. A few days ago my wife and I had to make the decision to put our dog down. Gizmo, had become part of our family. He was 15 years old so he has been around for most of our children’s lives. Gizmo was my buddy but to my wife he was so much more. I wouldn’t say that Gizmo was like a child to her, but I would say he was really close. On the morning that we had to take Gizmo to the vet we had also previously scheduled for our dogs to be groomed at Cozy Critters. Unfortunately, we had to call and cancel. Tammy picked up the phone. Fighting through tears, my wife explained to Tammy that we would be unable to keep our appointment that morning because we had to take Gizmo to the vet. Upon hearing the news, Tammy apologized and then because business is secondary to her, she offered to rearrange her day so that she could go with my wife to the vet and be there for her. The crazy thing is this wasn’t an idle gesture. She offered it up a couple times during the conversation and she meant it. Tammy, thank you. Thank you for putting heart before business. Thank you for putting relationship before profit. Over the past few weeks Valley Real Estate has been spotlighting local businesses and members of the community. This one in particular was one I felt deserved a little more. My wife and I were heartbroken to lose our friend but I believe we have gained a friend in Tammy. If nothing else, we will always be customers of Cozy Critters because of the relationship that she built with us. Thank you again Tammy.


Craig Harris

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Charles (Craig) is the Broker of Valley Real Estate. He has been in real estate for almost 20 years. He has a wife and 2 children that mean the world to him. He's an active member in the community and....

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