Best Birthday Present Growing Up

Dated: October 10 2018

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Today is my birthday.  As a 40 something year old, (closer to 50), the best gift I get is the well wishes and notes from all my family and friends.  Either through social media or personally, that it what makes my day special.  I remember as a kid, though, that I loved my birthday.  Being in the middle of October, that meant that I could play with my new stuff, and by the time I got tired of it, it would be time for Christmas.  Oh to be young again.  

My favorite gift as a kid was a cassette recorder.  

I was about 9 or 10 when I got a portable one button cassette recorder, (pictured below is the deluxe version I got a couple of years later).  I thought I was COOL.  I would hide behind the furniture and tape my Mom talking to my brother. I would record the audio from my favorite shows and listen to it again. You don't even want to get me started on recording songs off the radio!

Now fast forward to almost 40 years later, and you can download almost any song, movie, or book and listen to it on your phone.

So, my question to you friends is this.

What was your favorite birthday present as a kid?

Please respond or post a picture.6 button model

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