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The other night, my wife was reading something on Facebook that sparked a conversation.  The article that she was reading asked, if you were stranded and only had five movies to watch for the rest of your life, what would they be? 

My wife loves a good rom-com so she had plenty of those, but me being a huge movie buff my entire life put a lot of serious thought into the question.  So much so, I did not give her an answer until the next day.  Here is what I came up with.

Please keep in mind, I am not saying these movies are the best of all time, just the five that I would take with me to a deserted island.

Toy Story - This one is Pixar's first movie, and many consider it not only the best animated movie of all time, but one of the best movies ever.  I remember watching this with my oldest daughter when it was at the theater.  Walking out, I saw just as many smiling faces on the adults as I did on the kids.  Also I know my daughter loved it as well.

The Avengers - Being a huge fan boy and comic book geek as a kid, this movie was special for me.  It was the culmination, (at the time), of years of build up and planning by Marvel and Disney. The story wove together a universe that Marvel is still building today.  I remember sitting in the theater watching the beginning credits and title with a huge smile on my face.  By the way, I shared that moment with my daughters as well.

The Return of the King - This is the third movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. All three of the movies were awesome, but the third one was special. Like The Avengers, this movie wove together the previous two films in the series and completed the story in epic fashion.  I read the books by JRR Tolkien when I was a kid and was very captivated by all three movies.  I saw this  movie at a very trying time in my life, and I remember sitting in the theater for two and half hours and not worrying or thinking about anything but the movie.

Christmas Vacation - The older I get, the more I appreciate Clark Griswald and his desire for a traditional family Christmas. When I first saw this movie with my buddies, I just thought it was flat out funny.  My friends and I laughed until we hurt, and that was just during the opening animation sequence.  Now that I identify with Clark and his trials, it means so much more to me.  I watch this movie every year while I am wrapping Christmas presents.

A few good men - Every time this movie is on, I watch it.  Every time.  This movie has plenty of star power and great director, but what gets me is the tension on screen.  The movie does not have a single fight, car chase or gun fight. Yet, it still keeps me on the edge of my seat. The final courtroom scene between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson is so electric, both actors and their intensity are fun to watch.

Those are the five I would choose.  What are yours?

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Dec 1 2018 52724 1

The other night, my wife was reading something on Facebook that sparked a conversation.  The article that she was reading asked, if you were stranded and only had five movies to watch for the

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